Kari Gunson

Kari Gunson

Kari Gunson, a practitioner in road ecology since 1999, initiated the 'Wildlife on Roads' program recently in response to a need to inspire and harness grassroots efforts for implementation of mitigation solutions.

Wildlife Road Watch Makes an Encouraging Debut

Photo caption and credit left: Erie Boulevard survey team, Cindy Presant; middle: Front Road survey team, Kari Gunson and right: Lauren Nightingale on bicycle, Kari Gunson…….. The Wildlife Road Watch (WRW) pilot event launched in the late spring of this…

What is ‘Wildlife on Roads’ ?

Wildlife on Roads began with a handbook that was authored by Kari Gunson and Fred Schueler in 2020. The handbook is meant to provide individuals with the tools to accurately document vertebrates on Ontario’s roads (turtles, snakes, birds, mammals, and…