Special Feature: Wildlife on Roads in Long Point Priority Place

Over the past three years:

  • The Long Point Walsingham Forest Priority Place project adopted Wildlife on Roads as its data collection platform.

Observations can be emailed or submitted to our iNaturalist project.

  • In 2022 the Priority Place project launched ‘Wildlife Road Watch’ and

upcoming recruitment, and subsequent training and surveys will be held in spring 2023 in partnership with the Long Point Biosphere.

We also released baby Snapping Turtle hatchlings safely back to wetlands.

  • In 2022, Jon Everett was our top volunteer and contributed 107 observations.

John also helped 67 turtles cross the road safely.

  • We now have a database of 1000’s of records to inform mitigation planning,

such as signage and exclusion fencing.

  • In Norfolk County there are over 432 observations in our iNaturalist project:

34 species of birds, `5 species of mammals, 12 species of reptiles and 4 amphibians.


Kari Gunson
Kari Gunson

Kari Gunson, a practitioner in road ecology since 1999, initiated the 'Wildlife on Roads' program recently in response to a need to inspire and harness grassroots efforts for implementation of mitigation solutions.

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